Olithas and Tertulia @ DWR - May 15th, 2010

DWR Presents: M+D+F Award Presentation
Saturday, May 15, 6-8pm

Modern + Design + Function/Austin Furniture Now is a juried exhibition designed to uncover

and promote innovative modern furniture by emerging designers in the Austin Area. Organized by

the DWR Austin Studio, M+D+F provides an opportunity for peer, public and professional recognition

for up-and-coming designers and firms. [...]

E.A.S.T is Over...

E.A.S.T – All my junk returning home…

The past two weekends have been very productive.  Met very a lot of new nice people, and got a lot of feedback. 

Olithas could not Debut as expected, but we are moving forward [...]

Challenge your imagination Contest

Challenge your imagination [...]

Tertulia Chair - Milano Salone Prototypes 2008

tertulia chair detail

Tertulia Chair Detail


‘Tertulia’  is the Spanish word for gathering, a conversational get together in which people simply

sit and exchange their ideas freely. Tertulias can happen in a moments notice. They can happen

anytime or anyplace, and for that reason a folding chair was simply the most natural departing

point typology for this project.

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Tertulia Chair - First Prototype (Fall 2005)

Tertulia - First Prototype

Tertulia - First Prototype

Tertulia Mechanism- How does it work?

Tertulia ConceptTertulia Concept Drawings

Tertulia Concept [...]