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O-lithas – Cast Concrete Series



O-Lithas is a collection of outdoor/indoor furniture based on the idea of creating a new and consistent language to integrate steel and Cement. The concept is achieved by casting a ribbed wavy pattern on the backside of a  concrete slab, and using recyclable aluminum or stainless steel bars to complete as base.

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Tertulia Chair – Milano Salone Prototypes 2008

tertulia chair detail

Tertulia Chair Detail


‘Tertulia’  is the Spanish word for gathering, a conversational get together in which people simply

sit and exchange their ideas freely. Tertulias can happen in a moments notice. They can happen

anytime or anyplace, and for that reason a folding chair was simply the most natural departing

point typology for this project.

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Calamari Tables – Renderings

Calamari Tables
Calamari Tables – Gliding Planes

Vertical planes are walls that divide, and never connect. 

Horizontal ones reach out, BRIDGE, and CONNECT.

It is better to CONNECT than to CLASH.

PLANES  that CLASH might as well be TECTONIC PLATES

(I hear those cause earthquakes)

I think it is more FUN to CONNECT, than to CLASH…

Why not CONNECT and GLIDE!

Glide through the floor, float on a plane, meet and connect. 

Calamari tables are planes that REACH OUT, GLIDE,FLOAT, and CONNECT.

The rest is just technical stuff on how to put together a table…

(exerpt from sketchbook notes: 2004)

Calamari Tables
Calamari Tables – Work Setup
Calamari Tables
Calamari Tables -Top ViewCalamari Tables – Bottom View


Casa Marco – Urban Reserve Dallas, TX (2005)

Casa Marco

Casa Marco - Site PlanCasa Marco - Preliminary Study Views

Tech. Comm. Semmester project UTSOA  (Fall 2005)
Prof. Vince Snyder, Architect

Casa Marco is a small residence specifically designed to meet Dalla’s Urban Reserve’s lot #25. Urban Reserve is a developer’s project that seeks to integrate High-end design with sound environmental practice. Driving concepts behind the house derive from ideas about FRAMING the landscape, TYING the house to the site and its surroundings, and FUSING both the urban and suburban conditions that characterize it. For more information about the site visit URBANRESERVE.NET

Casa Marco

Casa Marco


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