E.A.S.T 2010 closes with Awesome Results!

Thanks to all who visited! we had a great time getting to know everybody and hope to see you  all again next year.

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Tertulia Story - It's come a long way since 2000...

Tertulia has been a work in progress for 10 yrs now.  Its humble beginnings can be traced to a Design Studio course  back in Spring of 2000.   This post summarizes the highlights of that process.
Tertulia 2000

Tertulia 2000


my original statement read as follows:

  • I communicate best when I sit and feel comfortable with people, thus the idea of a ‘Tertulia’ came to mind.
  • The word Tertulia means small social gathering in Spanish.
  • The goal for the project is to become myself a ‘Communicator’ and design a ‘Tertulia kit’. This will enable me to create a Tertulia, anywhere I please.
  • I have two weeks, an internal frame back pack, and a cooler for beer, Wine, and crackers, but no chairs, So I will focus on the chairs.
  • Their form will derive from the metal curved rods inside my pack.
  • The chairs are meant to be carried as a snowboard on the pack’s snowboard/shovel pocket in the back.  (brief from 2000)

Course: DES342 Design and Persuasion

Description: Studio projects will exercise the designer’s ability to convince and persuade.Topics will include historical models, the role of words, context and audience, and the effect of medium.

Prof: M. Mitrasinovic

Project Brief: Design a ’Communicator’

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Tertulia Fissa - ['Fixed' Geometry concept]

Tertulia Fissa Concept

Tertulia Fissa Concept (Bamboo Ply)

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T.O.G.S. Competition Entry

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Olithas - Prototype (2010)


Photo Credit: Alisa Marrow

O-Lithas is a collection of outdoor/indoor furniture based on the idea of making stone-like slabs appear to be

light and fluid like a wave. The project started as play of words combining the Greek word ‘Lithos’ (Stone),

with the Spanish words ‘Ola’ (Wave) and ‘Olita’ (tiny wave), and is now evolved into a new and consistent means

to integrate steel and cement with Design.

The resulting pieces are minimalist, long lasting, and eco-friendly. The wavy pattern not only accounts for a

unique timeless aesthetic, and common language, but also functions as structural reinforcement along the span

of the slab, and to fit the radius of the metal bar base for a complete integration of materials.

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Light Vox - (Concept)

LIGHT VOX (concept)

LIGHT VOX (concept)

Light Vox is a wireless, self-illuminating speaker, flexible in aim, and fluidly sculptural in form. Network it, calibrate it, and compose a show of synesthetic visual sound beats, and color.

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O-lithas Prototype Ready!

Olithas Prototype

Olithas Prototype

It seems like yesterday I got the idea of extruding Play-Doh® into some type of stone/concrete/green furniture…

Happy to share my latest results!

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Grand Island Sofa wins 'Best of the Year Award' 2009

Grand Island Sofa

“Best of Year” award for healthcare product design from Interior Design magazine.

A bit over a year ago, I had the oportunity to be the principal concept designer for David Edward’s
new Grand Island Sofa, a product aimed at hospital room environments with a very specific program
and functional requirements. The project had been shelved after [...]

Eams Aluminum Group

To this day one of my biggest inspirations… As fresh today as it was in 1958!

The mini documentary [...]

E.A.S.T is Over...

E.A.S.T – All my junk returning home…

The past two weekends have been very productive.  Met very a lot of new nice people, and got a lot of feedback. 

Olithas could not Debut as expected, but we are moving forward [...]