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Calamari Tables – Renderings

Calamari Tables
Calamari Tables – Gliding Planes

Vertical planes are walls that divide, and never connect. 

Horizontal ones reach out, BRIDGE, and CONNECT.

It is better to CONNECT than to CLASH.

PLANES  that CLASH might as well be TECTONIC PLATES

(I hear those cause earthquakes)

I think it is more FUN to CONNECT, than to CLASH…

Why not CONNECT and GLIDE!

Glide through the floor, float on a plane, meet and connect. 

Calamari tables are planes that REACH OUT, GLIDE,FLOAT, and CONNECT.

The rest is just technical stuff on how to put together a table…

(exerpt from sketchbook notes: 2004)

Calamari Tables
Calamari Tables – Work Setup
Calamari Tables
Calamari Tables -Top ViewCalamari Tables – Bottom View