Tertulia Fissa – [‘Fixed’ Geometry concept]

Tertulia Fissa Concept

Tertulia Fissa Concept (Bamboo Ply)

‘Tertulia’ is the Spanish word for gathering, a conversational get together in which people simply sit and exchange their ideas freely. Tertulias can happen in a moments notice. They can happen anytime or anyplace, but Fissa implies a set place rather than ever-changing Rendezvous.

Tertulia Fissa, is a multi-purpose /flexi-use chair originally derived from the metal curved rods inside a climbing pack. Its design features a locked geometry of thin and sinuous Bamboo-ply profiles all cut out from the same form, and held together by solid carved members at each of the joints. Design variation may be achieved by means of color laminates, patterns, and textures.

Lateral stability is achieved by the diaphragm action of the panels, and its strength derives from its cross braced profile rather than the thickness of each member. Productions costs are kept low considering that only one main form needs to be achieved in order to derive the complete geometry of the chair.

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