Student Housing Competition – Athens, Greece

Athens Student Housing Competition
Athens Student Housing Competition
Can Student Housing become the prototype of future Urban and Sustainable
Community housing experiences?

The University experience is a transitional stage in our lives. We learn and develop many of the habits and practices  we will incorporate into our daily routines during those years. It is a time to start implementing sound practices learned about sharing with others, working with others toward common goals, and caring  for the environment and our community. We see our proposal as a way to capture the imagination and energy of today’s college student and inspire them with the  possibilities for developing sustainable buildings and sustainable communities in Athens and all over the globe. Shaped by their experiences in college we would hope that they would take this knowledge and enthusiasm and spread it virally wherever their paths might lead them.

The concept for this housing project is that of an urban tree house. Tree houses are cool places that defy gravity and bring the occupants closer to nature.  This housing project forms a protective oasis, a hideaway that refreshes the spirit, and is designed to delight and inspire.

Competition Text – URBAN TREE HOUSE


Student Housing Competition

Student Housing CompetitionStudent Housing Competition - Board 1


Student Housing Competition

Student Housing Competition - Board 2

  Team Members: Efrain E. Velez , Heidi Kasper, Juan Jose Nuñez Andrade, Erick Velasco Farrera 

2 thoughts on “Student Housing Competition – Athens, Greece

  1. Efra Post author

    Thank you Noura!
    This project was truly a cooperative effort between 4 people.
    The renderings however are mostly an effort by AVP arkitecti in Zagreb, Croatia.

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