Tertulia Chair – Milano Salone Prototypes 2008

tertulia chair detail

Tertulia Chair Detail


‘Tertulia’  is the Spanish word for gathering, a conversational get together in which people simply

sit and exchange their ideas freely. Tertulias can happen in a moments notice. They can happen

anytime or anyplace, and for that reason a folding chair was simply the most natural departing

point typology for this project.

Tertulia is a multi-purpose /flexi-use folding chair originally derived from the metal curved rods

inside a climbing pack. Their design features a unique patent pending geometry that does not rely

on either an “X” or “A” Frame configuration, and yet allows for infinite material and pattern design

configurations. Two prototype versions of Tertulia were displayed at the Salone del Mobile 2008 

(Stand A-21), one in Wood, the other in stainless steel. 

Photo Credit: Alisa Marrow

Tertulia Chair Combo Wood and & Steel

Tertulia Chair Combo Wood and Steel PrototypesTertulia Chair Profile

Tertulia Chairs - Folded

Tertulia Chairs - Folded Geometry

Tertulia Wood Chair Prototype

Tertulia Wood Prototype

Tertulia - Steel

Tertulia Steel Prototype

One thought on “Tertulia Chair – Milano Salone Prototypes 2008

  1. Angie

    These chairs are so beautiful- and I love the combination of wood and stainless steel chairs. Can these be purchased anywhere?

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