Krank Lamp

Krank LED Lamp -  Concept

Krank LED Lamp - Concept

‘KRANK’ the handle for a minute, get 20 to 30 minutes of bright light. This manual L.E.D fixture uses the

principle of magnetic induction.

Every time you turn the ‘krank’ a magnet surrounded by copper coilagitates producing sufficient voltage to

charge a battery and power the L.E.D.s that’ll light-up your space. Its form was inspired by the old hand

mechanical drill we all had in our homes way back when. Its purpose is to be a home fixture that not only

enlightens us with good looks, but also makes us the user aware and conscious of our energy use.

‘Krank’ also features a fully recyclable body made out of aluminum parts, and a minimal light weight profile

to reduce its footprint.

old hand drill

old hand drill

Krank Detail-1

Krank Detail - 1

Krank detail 2

Krank Detail - 2

Krank Detail - 3

Krank Detail - 3

Two versions of Krank

Two versions of Krank

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